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Chloe (Jan 2010 - April 2020)

Beloved of the Sullivan Family.
Trinket (06/06/10 - 12/19/19)

Trinket was the poster girl for Dr. Gookin's gallbladder mucocele research. She came back to us from her pet home very sick in early 2018. We were able to return her to health with residual damage to her kidneys. She went on to win Best of Breed at the Triangle/Charlotte specialty in October 2018, but in December 2019, her kidneys could no longer support her.
Ch Wistwin Irelands Blue Willow
China (02/24/06 - 05/20/19)
Ch Seahaven's Sharper Image x Wistin Alize

It is the end of an era. China left us. She was our first champion, mother of our 3 homebred champions, and foster-mother to our 4th.
Ch Ireland's Heart of Paradise
Angel (08/26/14 - 10/28/17)
Wistwin Ireland's Partly Sunny (Boca) x Am GCh Can UKC Ch Dan Dee One From The Heart (Ticker)

Angel finished her AKC championship at 11 months old which included a specialty major from respected breeder judge, Brian Cleveland.

Angel started as a confirmation dog and retired to become an "Angel" to Sue who dearly loved her. She was a fun and loving dog who will be missed by all who had known her.
Skye (07/03/01 - 04/01/17)

Skye knew so many tricks and one time she did all of them one-after-another just to make sure that she did the one that was asked of her.  She could even catch a thrown frisbee and would bring it back but you'd have to wrestle it from her before you could throw it again.

Skye was more than just a really great dog, she was family!
Simco's Highfield Connor McLeod, RN
Connor (12/05/03 - 08/29/11)

"Uncle Connor" who would let litters of puppies crawl all over him and who grinned with joy as they chased him around the yard. Our “demo-dog” each year at the county library for National Pet Week, who performed his tricks as we gave our presentation on the shelties and would then allow twenty children to pile on him like football linebackers, giggling, stroking his fur and covering him with kisses.

The first picture is of him in his youthful rebellious Harley days. The second picture is of him when he won his RN title after he had settled down later in his life.

He was the guard dog for our car when we would go grocery shopping during cooler weather. He never sat down on the job while guarding the car!

Food was known to mysteriously disappear off the counter in his presence. Ghosts, aliens, poltergeists? The world may never know.

We will miss his gentle and loving nature.
Barwoods Antigua
Annie (05/11/05 - 06/15/10)
Ch Sunebank Caerleon Quest x Barwoods Risque

Miraculously, Annie carried a litter of five puppies and whelped them on June 7, 2010, all the while suffering with cancer involving her pancreas and liver.   We will miss her sweet expression and gentle affection.
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