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Respectively pictured above are the puppies at 15 days, Bowser the stud, and Dottie the dam.

It's like having a toy Doberman!   These little cuties are quite fun,  great walking dogs, and have little to no body fat which means they have to wear PJ's in the winter!   Our friend and mentor, Jerri Hobbs, has whelped this litter for us and the puppies are housed in Detroit,  Michigan.  If you'd like to find out more, you can contact us and we'll  tell you all about them!
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Ch Heaven Hi’s Carved Obsidian x Gch Doubletree Call Me Truvy

After my hip replacement, I found it difficult to jog with the shelties in the show ring. I missed showing and wanted a dog I could show but not have to run with. A lot of research was done on the toy breeds and we ultimately chose the Toy Manchester Terrier. Known as the "anti-terrier" – not furry, not a busybody, not excessively yappy. Although Bruce complains that there’s nothing to grab on to, Dottie continues to do her best to squirm her way into his heart.

We will always have shelties and although they will now have to be shown by professional handlers, Dottie and I can still enjoy the show circuit.

If you’re interested in a Toy Manchester puppy, please drop us an Email. I can help you with information on this lovely little breed and direct you to other reputable TMT breeders, if you’re impatient.
Last updated on March 10, 2023
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