Our Girls


Crinan's Shameless Hussy
Abby (Whelped 01/24/19)
Ch Country Lane Wingman x CanCh Crinan All That Jazz

Abby comes to us through the generosity of Evelyn Susin at Crinan Shelties.

You trained her well, Evelyn, and we can't wait to get her in the show ring in the more mature classes.

Click here to view Abby's pedigree.

Ireland's Luck o' the Irish
Lilly (whelped 11/12/16)
Ch Wistwin Lucky in Love x Wistwin Ireland's Partly Sunny

We look forward to getting Lilly back in the show ring. She has multiple "Reserve Winner's Bitch" to her name. When she's ready, I'll wager she'll finish quickly.

Wistwin Ireland's Partly Sunny
Ch Wistwin Shalamar Sunstone x Wistwin Whistlebait (pts)

VWD Clear; CERF - Normal; MDR-1 N/N; OFA Hips - Excellent

Boca comes to us through the generosity and friendship of Dianne Hawes at Wistwin. She is a charming little soul who loves attention and we look forward to our first sable litter in a long time.

Ireland's That's Entertainment
Judy (Whelped 07/26/17, RETIRED)
Ch Solange Tour de Force x Wistwin Ireland's Partly Sunny

Judy is a moderate 14-1/2" tall with personality that stands at 6 feet!

She is pointed towards her championship.

Ireland's Black Label
Tipsy (Whelped 09/21/15, RETIRED)
Ch Sea Haven Etched in Silver "Sketch" x Kymric Eclaire "Claire"

VWD Clear; CERF - Normal; MDR-1 mutant/normal; OFA Hips - Good

Tipsy is retired and lives with and is loved by Dr. Kate Ellis.

Kymric's Eclaire
Claire (RETIRED)

VWD Clear; CERF - Normal; MDR-1 N/N; OFA Hips - Good

Claire came to us through the generosity of Holly Hatcher.

Ch Ireland's Belleek
Belleek (RETIRED)
Ch Suncrest Rhetoric x Ch Wistwin Ireland's Blue Willow

VWD Clear; CERF Normal; MDR-1 N/N (by parentage); OFA Excellent

Belleek finished her championship with 3 majors in the late spring/early summer of 2013. Belleek was named by Cay's mother -- she's named after the brand of china made in Ireland (the beige porcelain with little green shamrocks painted on it).

Click here to view Belleek's pedigree.





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